Here is the final video I made last term. I’m not entirely happy with it – it seems to need a lot more work, but it’s ok for a work-in-progress. {Best viewed projected onto a huge white screen in a pitch black room; but as that’s completely unrealistic, perhaps just fullscreen?}

Below is my thought processes including offcuts, influences, and experiments all condensed into one mini-blog:

Well, last term I experimented with cameras and paper, and what resulted was a few strange films exploring the concept of visualising human thought! (Potentially over-ambitious, but oh well)

Here is one film I call “Leviathan”. Created with minuscule cuttings of paper and a lot of time, it depicts small seeds of ideas; the small notions that pop into your mind before combining to form fuller ideas. At the time I was learning about the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, and his theory of the State of Nature (namely, that humans act merely out of self preservation, and that man’s natural condition is a free for all war). I took this theory, and applied it to my small paper cuttings to see what implications that would have if our minds really did work like this!


While it is quite cool, I don’t really consider the video a success. The concepts behind it are not evident in the piece itself and require quite a bit of explanation to communicate. But I’ve learned my lesson; hopefully future pieces will be equally as intriguing but stand on their own two feet, so to speak.

If you are curious, click here to see clips of the video as work in progress, and here are some more links on Thomas Hobbes:

Here is a short experiment I made using the art department’s latest gadget: a light box visualizer and projector. I used paper cut outs to create morphing shapes that appear to grow and change while still retaining some of their original form.

This is part of my first term project which is trying to visualise what a human thought looks like; simple, symbolic, quick to change.


I was influenced by the film “Structure and Clarity” by Oskar Fischinger, which I had the pleasure of seeing at the Tate.

Music: ‘Pilot’ by The Notwist (no real reason for it, I just like the song)

So, long time no post! But don’t worry, I havent died, I’ve even been busy making stuff! Here is a video I created for a talent competition set by the (awesome) band Sigur Rós.

Shot only with DSLR stills, colour corrected and sequenced in Photoshop and iMovie respectively. The actress is my sister, Kezia, and to create the scribbly effect I hand drew over every frame using a graphics tablet and Photoshop.
Story by Faye Milburn.
Directed by Joel Cosson.

Here is the result of a small photoshoot in the north east of England. I really like the bright, desaturated look, and I’ll hopefully be using these photos to base a series of abstract paintings on in the near future.

Please click to see the images full size.

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Hi there. Recently we’ve been let loose on our ‘personal project’, so i’ve been exploring ways of layering images and getting effects in a non digital way. Here are some collages I’ve made with sellotape transfers, regular printouts and highlighter/marker pens…

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So me and my friends sometimes play ‘the doodle game’, which comprises of one person scribbling on a piece of paper, and the other person then transforming the scribble into a drawing. It’s very fun and perhaps a tad childish, which is why I was slightly surprised when my Fine Art tutor told us all to play it – on a huge scale*!

Here is the evolution of my ‘doodle’, from scribble to drawing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* Using Willow Charcoal on A0 Bread & Butter Paper, for 2 weeks!

Well, I am enjoying campus life a lot… and with it comes some interesting opportunities for non-permanent, paper & sellotape, graffiti-art! (obviously).

Stealing a little from Slinkachu and Banksy, I’ve cut a few small scenes out of paper and stuck them about the place for my flat-mates to discover. It’s seriously addictive, so I’m going to really try to stop it becoming repetitive, and keep them as original as I can…

- as always, click images to enlarge -

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